About Me

I'm an artist, writer, teacher, and mother. My curious nature has led me to explore many ways to express my creativity. I enjoy poetry, ceramics, watercolor and fiber arts. I hold an MFA in Creative Writing from Pacific University in Oregon, and a BA in Studio Art from UC Santa Cruz. 

I began working with clay in high school in the mid-1980s. Like many ceramic artists, I was drawn to the sensual properties of clay. I allow myself to take my direction from the clay, pushing its limits to see how much I can manipulate it before it cracks or becomes too thin and loses its integrity. Some works are successful, others not, but I always learn from my work.

Of late, I tend toward utilitarian work. I appreciate the aesthetic impact of simple yet masterfully crafted forms. Even after more than 30 years working with clay, I am still fascinated by its unique qualities: its fragility and strength, its ability to endure as a lasting art form, and the way it awakens the senses and opens passageways to the soul.